Rediscover the Battle of Hogwarts and the magic Harry Potter and his friends used to defeat Voldemort in this beautiful book, complete with an invisible ink pen with UV light (shaped like the Elder Wand), foldout pages, and fun movie trivia!

Long revered as one of the most iconic events in Muggle cinematic history, the Battle of Hogwarts ended the Second Wizarding War – and Voldemort – for good and made legends out of its warriors!

Discover more about the spells, enchantments, skirmishes, and duels that led up to the Battle of Hogwarts. Which spells were used in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries? What enchantments did the Death Eaters employ during the kirmish ats Malfoy Manor? Whose change of heart – the most powerful magic of all – helped turn the tide?

In this book, you’ll also learn amazing behind-the-scenes facts about the making of the Harry Potter films. And it comes with a replica of the Elder Wand.

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